Details on Joey Janela’s AEW Contract


Joey Janela is one of the hottest names of the new era of Professional Wrestling.

Fresh off of his Spring Break event, it is now all eyes towards AEW Double Or Nothing on May 25.

Recently, Janela spoke to Fightful about his three-year contract with AEW and revealed that it starts on May 1st. Here’s all of what Joey had to say:

“I think the contracts officially start May 1st. That’s when things roll through, but we already got handled a little bit money-wise, so things are looking great. I’m already getting paid. Dealing with that is cool. Getting my first paycheck after 14 years of busting my ass. Never received a paycheck from Wrestling, just from jobs that have kept me afloat until I got to this point.”

To read more excerpts and hear the full interview, click here.

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