Ric Flair

Details On Who Ric Flair Is Planning To Wrestle For His In-Ring Return Match


As previously reported, Ric Flair has been training with AEW’s Jay Lethal for an in-ring return as the WWE Hall of Famer plans on coming out of retirement to wrestle again.

Dave Meltzer reported on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Flair is planning to do a six-man tag team match.

“He is planning to wrestle again, yes. I don’t know more details. He told me it was a secret but the rumor has it [that it’s] Ric Flair and FTR against The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and somebody. A match that he is training for [but] not right away. I guess it will get announced when it gets announced if it happens. Something like this could fall through, he could get hurt in training.”

Regarding whether it will happen at an indie show, Meltzer said:

“I don’t know but Flair is planning for the match and it might just be that he wants to do it for fun or perhaps, there is a promoter with deep pockets who is willing to pay Flair for one more match.”

Flair hasn’t wrestled since his time in Impact Wrestling and has dealt with health issues in recent years. He also has a pacemaker inserted into his heart.

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