Details On WWE Evolution Card, NXT New Record Viewership Reached


With WWE’s Evolution PPV on the horizon, fans have finally received a backstage update on how the card will be structured. Bryan Alvarez from Wrestling Observer Live stated,

“The idea here on the Women’s Evolution pay-per-view is they want to get every woman from the main roster, a handful of girls from the NXT roster, and a bunch of the older legends, Trish Stratus, Lita, etc and they want to get them all on the show. The early ideas for the show, they want to do probably 8 matches which means there’s probably going to be a big battle royal. Singles matches, multi-woman matches, and the idea was to get the show done in about three hours and to get all those girls on there they need to have 50 girls to get as many girls from the past, present, and NXT as they can.”

It seems like WWE will divide 8 matches into a 3-hour show which should make for a standard card. We also now know that women from all eras and rosters will be included.

Although we do not have an exact number yet, Tommaso Ciampa confirmed that last week’s episode of NXT was indeed the most viewed episode in the promotion’s history. The show was headlined by Ciampa’s NXT Title win, a great moment for one of the best heels in the business.

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