Details On WWE’s Original Plans For Wrestlemania Tickets, How Many Tickets Have Sold So Far?


As previously reported, Wrestlemania tickets were available in a presale yesterday and will be back on sale today at 10 AM ET. WWE is reportedly aiming to get around 25,000 each night. While that was said to be 36% capacity, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that it is actually 42% capacity. The 36 percent comes from what the venue’s capacity is for football. With the Wrestlemania stage cutting out 12,000 seats and 7,000 getting added on the field, the net loss of 5,000 seats gives it a smaller total capacity than football, so 25,000 seats takes up more of that capacity.

According to the report, WWE initially told the city of Tampa that they were looking for 45,000 per night at the event, so that is why the initial reports claimed that number was their goal. It was noted that international sales will be down, due to the COVID-19 pandemic cutting down on travel. NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom this past January only had less than 300 international fans, a sharp decrease from 8,000 the year before, prior to the pandemic, so that might serve as a good comparison to the international audience at Wrestlemania. While there are fewer restrictions in the US, COVID is also more of a problem here. There are no restrictions to get in the country but there would be for international fans returning to Europe and Japan, as they would have to quarantine for two weeks.

As for how many tickets have actually sold, the numbers are said to be “solid, even good.” It was not an instant sellout but it is likely the remaining tickets will do once they’re back on. There are currently a lot of the most expensive ringside seats left for both nights, priced $2,000 and up. Most of the sections in front of the hard camera are gone, with a few behind the camera gone as well. While there are a lot of expensive seats left, it’s believed that there aren’t many tickets available overall.

Raymond James Stadium is set up similar to the Super Bowl. There had been reports of that event leading to around 57 known COVID positives among those who went, so it’s possible that might happen with this show as well. If it does, WWE announced that anyone who buys a ticket will have to sign a liability waiver that they are assuming risk of spreading or contracting COVID and/or other infectious diseases and in doing so, will not hold WWE or any other party liable.

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