Details on Who Created Bray Wyatt’s New Mask


On last night’s (Mon. May 13, 2019) episode of WWE Monday Night RAW from London, England, Bray Wyatt revealed his big secret. Wyatt debuted a brand new look in his latest FireFly Fun House segment, wearing a creepy new mask that looked like something out of a horror film.

Of course, that makes sense, given horror legend and makeup artist Tom Savini revealed on Twitter that he and his team designed the new mask for Wyatt:

Yowie Wowie! new mask for superstar created by my team. Supervisor: . Special thanks: Ell Farrington.

This isn’t the first time Savini has worked on a new look for a WWE star. He also designed Rowan’s new mask in 2017, Harper’s mask for WrestleMania 34, and Kalisto’s WrestleMania 33 mask. He has also done work for Triple H in regards to ring gear, amongst others.

It’s expected that Wyatt will make his in-ring return soon under the new gimmick. After some Twitter ranting, it has been speculated Wyatt could be targetting United States Champion Samoa Joe for a possible feud:

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