Developmental Talent Unhappy After Last Week’s NXT Tapings


In an interesting report, it appears that NXT and developmental talent used at last week’s TV tapings were none too happy about the situation. Wrestling Inc has reported the talent used in place of fans at the tapings last week had a difficult week after several long days where they were only able to sit during breaks.

The talent had to meet at Full Sail at 10AM for testing, which included temperature checks and a questionnaire as opposed to COVID-19 tests. The talent then ended up being bused to the Performance Center at 11AM for the tapings and didn’t leave until 10PM.

The situation reportedly remained that way on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, WWE taped the Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream NXT Takeover: In Your House match. The match was shot outdoors. Talent arrived at 7PM but rain meant that they couldn’t begin filming until after midnight, and so talent didn’t get home until early morning. According to Fightful, the Cole vs. Dream match was filmed in a cinematic way. There were numerous cars surrounding the area and the headlights on them were being used for lighting.

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