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Devon Hannibal Nicholson Talks Being Ejected From WWE Live Event, Juventud Guerrera, More



Jordan Garber NOW recently interviewed Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson, who discussed a variety of topics. Below are some highlights via Jordan Garber. You can listen to the podcast every Sunday at 10:30 PM CST on Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Here are some of the highlights!

On Juventud Guerrera:

“He was my worst interview ever. Total piece of shit of a person. I completely hate him. He was paid for my interview. The event was in my town why I agreed to interview him. He waited more than 2 hours after the event to do the interview. Then he didn’t want to do it in the studio, and he wanted to do it in a restaurant and the audio quality would have been terrible. He was tapping his foot during the interview and demanded weed and wine. He was just a complete dick I really regret doing the interview with him and doing the pay which was the same he got for his booking on a show. Total piece of shit.”

On Abdullah the Butcher giving him Hepatitis C and if his legacy should be erased:

“He wrestled me, and he knew he was positive for Hepatitis C for 10 years prior. He did not have permission to cut me in this match. We were both supposed to be bleeding but from our own cuts. He took it upon himself to cut me with a razor blade he already used on himself knowing he had hepatitis c. There are many strains and we both had genotype 2. We ended up winning the court case in Canada, but unfortunately it took another 2 years to win in the US and in that 2 years he closed his main restaurant, transferred two of his main properties and is basically still running from any amount of the judgment. It took me two treatments to get cured from hep c. The first treatment was terrible and then I went through an experiential treatment that the government did not cover and it cost me $80,000.

How I found I had hep c was through my WWE contract pre testing. So unfortunately, around that time I was in the business eight years, and I was finally offered a WWE contract but they resent it because I was tested positive for hep c. I went through many years of severe depression because that was my dream. No one was forcing Abdullah to bleed, or he could have wrestled and not cut anyone with a used razor blade. Everyone knows wrestling is predetermined. He broke the wrestler’s code of always protecting your opponent and what he was found guilty of was negligence and battery. He is a scumbag and he fucked me over and I would love to torture him but he is in his 80’s dying a slow death so going to jail won’t do me any benefit at this time and the legal situation has cost me over $100,000.”

On getting ejected from a WWE Live Event in Ottawa:

“I was promoting one of my events that was coming up in Ottawa the next month and we ended up getting 1200 fans by the way. My trick went well, but what is funny is I worked as arena security at that venue for years so I never expected to have any problems, because as you know it’s very common for independent companies to hand out posters outside of the wrestling event but for whatever reason they had a major issue with that and kicked me off the property for promoting an upcoming event. The original video had 100,000 views and got on the local news in Ottawa. So I ended up getting more publicity.”

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