DGUSA/EVOLVE News: WrestleMania Events?, Title, More


— DGUSA/EVOLVE is currently searching for a new venue in the New York City area after losing BB King’s as a venue.

— The current hope is that the WrestleCon events during WrestleMania Weekend will help build momentum in the market for the remainder of 2013.

— The promotion is working on a return to the west coast.

— There will be additional Evolve shows in-between the December 8th EVOLVE 18 iPPV and WrestleCon in April.

— Gabe Sapolsky posted the following about the EVOLVE Title tournament…

“You will see EVOLVE, for lack of a better word, evolve over the next few months to the tournament. The EVOLVE concept was originally developed by Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and I. Davey Richards then came in when Bryan left and had influence. However, we were unable to move forward with him. We tried to stay true to the original concepts, but now a new vision for EVOLVE is emerging. It’s not going to be a radical departure from the EVOLVE you know now, but it is time for some tweaks and changes. The new vision will be develop up until April 5 and the crowning of the first EVOLVE Champion.”

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