DGUSA News: Gargano’s New Contract, Officials Happy, More


Source: Pwinsider.com

— Johnny Gargano has signed a new two-year deal with Dragon Gate USA.

— The company was happy with the buys for both iPPVs over the weekend. They were also very happy with the live response in Michigan and plan to return to the area.

— The company was also happy with the live turnouts in Chicago as well and there was a good feeling in the locker room after the weekend events.

— The weekend iPPV events are available through VOD at this link.

— Outside of a nasty cut Gargano suffered during his “I Quit” match against Chuck Taylor in Chicago, there were no major injuries over the weekend.

— CIMA noted on Twitter that he wants to bring AR Fox to Japan. The promotion is high on Fox and are impressed with his improvement and willingness to learn.

— Rich Swann and Ricochet are done with Japanese tours until the end of the year. They have been working almost full time in Japan and the promotion has decided that they need a break. This now opens things up for other talents on the DGUSA side to go and work in Dragon Gate.

— Dragon Gate USA will have their next shows in November.

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