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Diamond Dallas Page Reveals Recent Project With WWE, Compares WWE & AEW Creative Process


WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

If the rumors that he’s involved with AEW’s creative team are true:

I’m not as into all of that [creative process] as I don’t really get involved in any of that stuff unless Cody asks for my opinion. They’ll be filming something and will cut some promo and he’ll ask for my opinion on it. Sometimes I’ll have a little adjustment and other times I’ll be like, ‘Man, that’s freaking live!’

The biggest difference [in AEW] is ‘here’s what we need to get in, go cut yourself a promo.’ [In WWE] it’s spoon-fed to you with all of the writers that WWE has and I don’t know – if I had to read what those guys were writing and it wasn’t coming from my soul – I don’t think I would have gotten over. They had this one vision and I had a whole another vision.

Back in WCW I could write everything myself because they didn’t think I was gonna do anything. With BattleBowl in 1996 I just started, ‘When it’s all said and done, there could only be one’ which was right out of Highlander… I started talking about the Diamond Cutter as the greatest finishing move on the planet… Just promoting it and treating myself as a nightclub. When I had a nightclub, I was responsible for the asses in the seats. So now, I had to get people to get this.

Having upcoming work with WWE planned:

WWE’s coming here on Wednesday and they’re gonna interview me for [Karl] Malone and [Dennis] Rodman. I’m like in the middle – I wanna be able to help Cody with whatever he needs but if WWE needs something from me, then I’m always there for them. They’ve treated me super-great for the last 10 years.

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