Dink The Clown To Undergo Surgery, D’Lo Brown Wants Impact Wrestling To Return To Live TV


Claude Giroux, best known for his run as Dink the Clown in WWE, has been forced to withdraw from The Gathering IV due to needing leg surgery.

Pwinsider is reporting that Giroux was set to reunite with Ray Apollo (Doink) for the convention but has been pulled due to surgery.


Giroux last performed as Dink for Joey Janela’s Spring Break in 2017.

TMart Productions has announced that the Rock N’ Roll Express will be added to their VIP Superticket to make up for Giroux’s absence.

In other news, Head Of Talent Relations for Impact Wrestling, D’Lo Brown, is hopeful that the company will return to live weekly television at some point in the future.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet on the “Insight” podcast, Brown discussed his work with Impact Wrestling.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On people who haven’t given Impact a chance of late: “I have said this, and I say this with no disrespect, but if you’re sleeping on IMPACT Wrestling, that’s a ‘you problem,’ not a ‘me problem.’ I will tell you, if you give IMPACT three shows, three weeks, you’ll be back for the fourth, and you’ll stay with us. I think our TV is done in a way where it draws you in. It doesn’t insult the intelligence of the viewer, and it pays homage to what wrestling is supposed to be.”

On possibly returning to live TV: “You can only hope that that’s our ultimate end goal. You can only hope that that’s where as we grow, that’s where our success will take us. As of right now, I’m just happy putting out a quality product that you can see on YouTube [and] television.”

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