Director Talks Jake Roberts In Rehab, Mick Foley/HOF, More


Beyond the Mat Director Barry Blaustein recently spoke about not planning to attend the WWE Hall of Fame to see Mick Foley inducted ad more. Here are the highlights…

What Blaustein makes of Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ ongoing rehab with Diamond Dallas Page: “I wish him the best. I hope it’s real. I hope it’s sincere. You know, miracles do happen. I hope he does it for the sake of his family.”

On why he won’t be attending the WWE Hall of Fame to see Mick Foley inducted: “I would love to go, but I think there are still people in the company that aren’t fans of mine, because of the film. I would never put Mick in that position. He has been supportive of the film and I’m still very friendly with him. In my heart, I’ll be rooting him on. I will say that in Mick’s new DVD scheduled to be released, there is no mention in the chapters section of Beyond the Mat. For something called the Life and Times of Mick Foley, they are certainly rewriting history.”

On Paul Heyman: “(Laughs) I just got up early and watched the end of Raw last night. Uh…I don’t know what career on the line means exactly. I wish it was defined a little clearly. I love Paul. I used to tell him, with your mind, you could run a small country. Paul is a funny, smart, outrageous, a toned down version of what you see on TV.”

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