DirecTV Drops One Night Only: TNA 10 PPV


DirectTV will not air the “TNA One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion” PPV. It was listed on their channel guide and on on Monday but was removed this morning.

When attempting to order earlier in the week, it said, “Not able to be ordered at this time, check back later” in HD and the SD said it could be ordered for $15. After 12 AM this morning, the official website didn’t feature any mention of the PPV. At 6 AM, the channel guide no longer had it listed on channel 121 (HD). Instead it read “To be announced”. The PPV was also removed from the SD channel 122 and replaced with a marathon of Up the Skirt: Thongs Revealed. When DirecTV was called, they said they were not airing the PPV according to their computers.

It appears the only way to see the PPV tonight is to order it on TNA’s Youtube page or go somewhere with non-DirecTV PPV. A week after the show premiered, TNA uploaded “Hardcore Justice 2” for $15, and the other two events dropped to $3. It’s possible when “TNA 10 Reunion” is uploaded, “Hardcore Justice 2” will drop to $3.

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