Disappointing Turnout For Kaz/Daniels Signing, BFG Fan Fest


— Impactwrestling.com has provided photos of the events yesterday in Phoenix as part of Bound for Glory weekend. This includes the Interaction event and photos from the first ever Hall of Fame ceremony featuring the induction of Sting.

tjhagen_mhs sent this one in: I went to Samurai Comics in Phoenix for the “advertised” appearance of Kaz and Daniels. I brought my kids thinking there might be at least a small line of people – but there was basically no one there. Kaz/Daniels were sitting at a table with their personal WTTCOTW shirts and the Impact Wrestling issued autograph photos. We asked for a photo with my kids and that was $5. Then they were pushing their shirts for $25 each and the autographed photos were $10 a piece. I also went to the RVD signing back in July and they weren’t charging for anything then. I guess today wasn’t a “sanctioned” TNA event/appearance. We stayed for about an hour just hanging out in the comic store and in that time they may have seen 5 guests/their families. Overall disappointed. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Fan Interaction.

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