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NewsDisco Inferno Responds to Fan Criticism over Velvet Sky Being his Favorite...

Disco Inferno Responds to Fan Criticism over Velvet Sky Being his Favorite Female Wrestler



During a recent interview with the Wrestling Epicenter podcast, Glenn “Disco Inferno” Gilbertti reacted to the recent comments he made regarding Velvet Sky being his favorite wrestler. Of course, during the original interview, he talked a ton of trash about women’s wrestling. He later claimed it was “all a work” when he was called out on it. Believe what you will.

On IMPACT! Wrestling in 2019: “I think Impact is better than WWE right now. There are more entertainment segments on the show than there is in WWE. They’ve got that going for them. The only thing they don’t have is the platform and the viewers. But, as far as content, there are a lot of guys on Impact right now that I like and that are more in line with my philosophical view of wrestling. You would be surprised how many guys in that locker room gravitate towards the old school view of professional wrestling versus the new school.”

On saying Velvet Sky is his favorite female wrestler: “Right. She wasn’t a great worker. But, here’s the thing about professional wrestling and that you have to be a great worker. Your work only has to be serviceable enough if your character is good enough. Guys, just look at Hulk Hogan! (laughs) The greatest wrestler of all time! His work was serviceable. He wasn’t Ricky Steamboat or Ric Flair out there but he was good enough, his character was over so strong, and he was the biggest guy in the business. If your character and looks are good enough, your work doesn’t have to be. That is the way wrestling has been for years. You have these Hall of Famers and you watch their work and you’re like, “Wow, this guy was really over. But, his work wasn’t that good.” You know what? A lot of people didn’t care. Too many people care about your work now. You’ve got Scarlett… You had Velvet SKy. She had a great ring entrance… The numbers don’t lie. The Beautiful People got good ratings on Impact when they were on. I’m trying to point out common sense to people and it is sometimes not the narrative that people want to hear so people look at me like I’m a bad guy. When I said Velvet SKy was my favorite female wrestler, I was getting push back for that from the fans. That is very disrespectful to her.”

On Scarlett Bordeaux using sex appeal: “It is funny that what she is doing works. She’s accentuating sexuality in professional wrestling today when a lot of people say that you’re not allowed to do that. Why is it bad to point out that a woman is attractive when that is the first thing that you notice in her? I’m just being brutally honest and I know other people are not being honest about this. The people that say you’re not supposed to notice that they’re attractive? They’re lying! Actractiveness is almost a biological functon in people. They’re lying about being attracted to these things because people have told them that you’re not supposed to. That is like the herd mentality and the echo chambers. I disagree with that. I think a lot of people do. But, they’re scared to plant their feet in the ground and fight against this. I’ll fight against this all the time.”

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