Dixie Carter: Kurt Angle’s MMA Interest Was Legit


Dixie Carter spoke with the Fight Club Chicago and said that Kurt Angle’s widely-reported interest in MMA was legit. Carter spoke about Angle’s MMA goals as well as his attempt to make the Olympic trials before being injured:

“Absolutely, he was,” she said in relation to his MMA interest. “Kurt’s one of those unbelievable athletes that rises to the top of whatever field. Let’s say it’s amateur wrestler. Then what’s the next big thing he’s going to concur? Then he becomes the greatest wrestler in professional wrestling history. Then, it’s like, ‘OK. I’ve done that. Now, what else am I going to do?'”

She added, “He really wanted to fight. He started training for it. But, I said, ‘Look, if we can’t get the right deal with the right organization to do it with, it’s just not worth doing if we can’t do it at the very top level.’ So, that’s why he decided to make a run at the Olympics at his age. And I’ve got to tell you, if it hadn’t been for that last-minute injury, I think he was just pushing himself so hard, working for me and training. I really feel like he had a good shot of making that team.”

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