Dixie Carter Makes A Mistake While Promoting TNA iMPACT!, More On The Major TNA Pay Changes, More


The Big Event 12 is scheduled to take place in New York this weekend. The following talents are being advertised for the event: Sting, Lita, Christian, Bret Hart, James “Kamala” Harris, Harley Race, Mike Tyson, Tito Ortiz and Dennis Rodman among many others. More information including how you can purchase tickets is available at this link. The event takes place today (Saturday) from 10AM to 3PM EST.

As noted earlier, TNA iMPACT! Wrestling talent who are not on a guaranteed contract will see a big change to how they are being paid. Going forward, those talents will no longer be paid per episode on iMPACT! Wrestling they appear on, but will instead be paid per day. Basically if a talent tapes parts of two episodes at the same taping, or do a taped pay-per-view match and an iMPACT! match on the same show, they would have been paid previously per episode appearing; now they will only be paid once, for that day of taping.

Former TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted the following on Thursday night:

Obviously this is a photo from the TNA iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings on Thursday night. The tweet implies that Alberto El Patron would appear on Thursday night’s episode, but the tapings are scheduled to start airing next week.

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