DJ Whoo Kid & Waka Flocka Flame Challenge Swerve In Our Glory To Pull Up


DJ Whoo Kid and rapper Waka Flocka Flame have issued a challenge to former AEW tag-team champions Swerve in Our Glory – pull up!

During Wednesday night’s episode of AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, DJ Whoo Kid came out to the ring with The Acclaimed.


Speaking to TMZ, both DJ Whoo Kid and Waka Flocka Flame issued a challenge to Swerve in Our Glory for a tag-team match.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On coming to the ring with the Acclaimed: “The thing that is crazy, the day before, I was interviewing Swerve Strickland on Shade 45. He brought the belt up. Let me make it clear. He brought the belt up and I took photos with it and we became buddies and we were chums. So I went to the Arthur Ashe arena early. You know, I heard the food is good, the women are cute as hell. […] When I got there, I ran into the Acclaimed and they were rehearsing and doing all these weird scissor techniques and they were flipping over each other. So I thought they a little more cooler. So then I was like, ‘Yo! Let me just hang with these guys.’ I think the scissor thing is crazy. I mean, I didn’t know Swerve long enough to be loyal. I went to the paperwork, I switched my name and put Fabolous’ name on Swerve’s team and I switched my name on the Acclaimed. Because I found out The Acclaimed were the good guys, so I didn’t want to come out in front of 20,000 people, everybody booing. Fabolous didn’t even notice!”

On not knowing if Swerve was really upset by it: “I felt kind of bad after because on my Instagram, Swerve wrote ‘traitor’ in my comments. So he went at me. I don’t know if this is real beef or I don’t know. It’s wrestling. I don’t know. That’s why I called Waka to hang with me for the next couple of days because Swerve, I don’t know. Him and Keith Lee look kind of diesel, man. I don’t want no problem. So I said ‘Waka, man. Just hang with me for like four or five days just in case, man.’ You gotta get the real street guys to be with you. You know, Waka’s a cool guy. He’ll protect you, man. He’s come to my aid a few times.”

On challenging the team: “If Swerve on any issues, man, Waka Flocka is here to protect me. If you want to take it to the ring, the streets, around the corner. […] We want the titles. […] They better not take it to the streets, man. Keep it up there, keep it in the ring. The flipping and all that.”

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