Doc Gallows Comments On Knocking Katsuyori Shibata Out With A Forearm Shot


During a recent appearance on the “Sports Guys Talking Wrestling” podcast, Impact Wrestling Superstar Doc Gallows commented on legitimately knocking out Katsuyori Shibata with a forearm shot, and more. He said,

“In Japanese wrestling, fans know that the forearm exchange is a huge thing. The one-two, back and forth, the big stiff forearm shots to the jaw, side of the head, the shoulder, whatever you’re doing. I broke my right elbow about 15 years ago in WWE developmental and never had it fixed. That elbow is like a calcified antler sticking out of my right arm. I’ve never thrown a good forearm shot and been able to control it very well.”

I’ve expressed this to Japanese management on several occasions but they wanted to see it. We tagged in for Shibata’s hot comeback and he popped me with one forearm, I popped him with one back and he went to sleep. Thank God, his muscle memory and him being such a bad ass, he was able to come to, go through the motions, and finish the match and the sequence we were headed into. I had a little dookie in my shorts there thinking I had screwed up bad.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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