Doc Gallows Was Told He Was Going To Be The Undertaker & Kane’s Brother


During the latest episode of the “Talk N Shop podcast”, Impact Wrestling star Doc Gallows commented on working in WWE developmental as Freakin’ Deacon, being told by WWE management that he was going to become The Undertaker and Kane’s brother.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being told he’d be Kane and Undertaker’s brother: “They told me [I was going to be the third Brother of Destruction] in developmental. Think about that in your mind when you’re a 20-something-year-old kid. At first they told me I was going to come out at WrestleMania 23. It ended up being the Boogeyman, but I was going to be the third brother. I’m sitting there at practice like, ‘I’m the heir to the big man throne. S**t, I’ll be a millionaire this time next year.’ I have no idea where all that came from.”

On his Freakin’ Deacon character: “I did these really weird Freakin’ Deacon promo and I could talk. I did a multiple personality thing that I made up myself with different voices. I had a tarantula that I would carry to the ring and drop on the guys. I’d come out from under the ring, they gave me a bag lady, the late Melissa Coates, God rest her soul, we dressed her up like a homeless lady and did vignettes where I pulled her out of the dumpster. She’d come to the ring with me and after the matches were over, everyone else would walk up the ramp, I would put her in a shopping cart and push her out the front door. She hated being the bag lady, she wanted to be a pretty pro wrestler. I’d push the shopping cart and as soon as the front wheels went over the lip, I’d flip the shopping cart and she’d take a big bump into the grass. She’d be yelling ‘You motherf**ker, piece of s**t,’ and I’d run away to the back. The boys would be losing it [laughs].”

(h/t – Fightful)

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