Does Eve Torres Plan On Going Into MMA?, & More


Eve Torres recently spoke with about the odds of her going into MMA and more. Check out the highlights:

On whether she might go into MMA: “I never say never, but I really don’t. I enjoy the sport aspect of it and I love learning and growing, training with other guys and testing myself. I love those parts of it. For me, it’s really about the self defense aspect of it, and that’s the empowering part. To take it all the way to MMA, I doubt I’ll go that far with it, because my passion for it is sharing with women that you don’t have to be an MMA fighter to defend yourself. That’s the image that I want to portray.”

On Divas potentially cracking into films via WWE Studios: “You look at the guys who have made movies through WWE, it’s really helped them as performers. I’d just really love that as well. I love acting and I love developing these characters, finding out who they are and committing to them. I’d love more experience with that. Hopefully, one of these days, WWE will put a Diva in a film. Eve Torres for The Marine 4.”

On the state of the Diva division: “We never really know what they’re thinking. As much as people think we really know what’s going on, we really don’t. On Mondays at 4:00 p.m., half the time I have no idea what’s going on. Right now, we have a great group of girls – hungry girls – who all want to contribute to the Divas division. That’s what I really care about. Obviously, I’m delighted that I’m part of an interesting storyline, but whatever I can do to help this division and get it back on top is just something that I – and all of the other girls – am willing to do, whether that means helping new talent that comes up or re-polishing the talent that already exists on the roster.

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