Does Jim Ross ‘Hate’ TNA Wrestling?, Details


Jim Ross was asked on Twitter if he “hates” WWE rival TNA. He says, “Hell, no.”

Ross explained on his official website, “Why would I hate TNA? That makes no sense. It provides fans with more product to enjoy and more importantly, to me, provides wrestlers with another place to live their dream and earn a living. Same goes for ROH or any other promotion. The healthier those companies are the better it is for the overall genre. Any one who thinks that I ‘hate’ other wrestling organizations is 100% Pet Coon Goofy.”

He was also asked if he would consider owning the promotion.

Ross responded, “Lord, no. I have no desire, or the funding, to attempt to manage or own any wrestling company at this stage of my life. There are too many headaches and I’m not into sports psychology or managing a day care center for wrestlers.”

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