Does WWE Strategize Ways to Destroy Competition in Local Markets?


WWE has long pushed the message that they are only concerned with what’s in their Universe.

However, we obviously know that simply isn’t the case. WWE pays attention to talent in other companies as they are always looking for the next wave of the future. But that isn’t all, they also keep their eyes on the locations other promotions book.

WWE is the largest pro wrestling company in the world for a reason. These practices have allowed them to dominate for decades.

Recently, Mike Johnson of PW Insider was asked “if it is a coincidence that WWE runs cities so close to the date that other companies plan on holding shows?”

Mike Johnson had the following to say:

If you don’t think that WWE monitors when someone’s gonna run a new town and magically has NXT booked in that town within the same month as a House Of Hardcore, Impact or whoever is running then you haven’t been paying attention to the game. They are extremely competitive. They’ll say things like, ‘Oh well we’re just doing things within the confines of our business and you know these routings were set up well in advance.

“They pay attention to everything and they are looking to make sure whatever small slice of he pie that potential competitors are trying to get that it is smashed out and destroyed.”

“There is a reason why WrestleCon and others are having problems finding venues to run in Tampa. There is a reason why WWE is running the first RAW in a decade at Madison Square Garden days before AAA running the Lucha Libra invades New York event in MSG.”

“There is a reason why WWE has a RAW in Dallas four or five days before New Japan runs Dallas and Impact runs Dallas — of course! Of course they’re intentionally doing this!”

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