Dolph Ziggler Chat About How Important It Is To Get Crowd Reactions


In an interview with Big Communications, Dolph Ziggler talked about playing a heel in WWE and receiving a reaction from the crowd. Here are highlights:

On playing a heel: “It’s already shaping up to be a big year for myself. For the longest time, I was the bad guy who you enjoyed watching one way or another, the last few years I was the good guy who you kind of enjoyed having around, so we’ll see if I’m starting to go back to my old ways. When I was first learning wrestling training and first learning to fall down, the trainer said that I was a natural jerk and was going to train me to be a bad guy. It made sense.”

On the importance of getting the crowd to react: “A lot of stuff that I do, and a handful of others, base it out on the crowd’s reaction and what is happening. Sometimes myself, there are times where I am being cheered when I shouldn’t be and be booed when I shouldn’t be, so I have a way or working around it. I have been wrestling since I was 5 years old. That’s been my life one way or another, being in WWE for the last 12 years. Being in WWE I have been very fortunate to work on a lot of charitable work for Make A Wish, Tribute to the Troops.”

On his love of social media: “I really enjoy Twitter so much because as a fan growing up I was able to read a wrestling magazine or write a letter and someone can read it, if someone ever read it. Now, you can literally text anyone in the world with a big forum and they can write right back. A political tweet, even if it’s someone I am for and endorse, if it’s funny it’s funny so I’m a huge fan of that.”

On playing Col. Sanders: “I couldn’t believe the work and dedication that comes from this hallowed character. I get fitted for a wig for a few hours, it’s very serious, but it was so fun. I got to wrestle as Col. Sanders, which was great.”

On writing a book: “I don’t know about a memoir, but my brother and I are working on a book together. I lean Republican, he leans Democrat, so we’re looking in the next year to have a book published about our thoughts on just about anything and everything.”

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