​Dolph Ziggler Discusses The WWE 2K17 Video Game & His Overall Rating, & More


During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler discussed the WWE 2K17 video game and his overall rating, a dream match he’d like to see based on the characters in the game and more. Here are a few highlights:

On his overall rating of an 84 in the WWE 2K17 video game: “I don’t care about stuff like that, but what a bummer, huh? But I’m a good wrestler, really good. Like if I had to put a short list of both rosters, I would put myself in the top three. As long as the highest number is 85 in the game, what is the highest number? (Brock Lesnar’s 94). He can beat me by one, that makes sense. I’ll bring it up to em, I got a lot of things to get off my chest about him. We’ll talk about it.”

On a dream match-up he’d like based on the characters from the WWE 2K17 video game: “There is so many characters in that game. The Ultimate Warrior is great. Intercontinental championship too? That’d be pretty cool. I would say, man Ultimate Warrior is pretty cool. I was very lucky enough to see him — he’s even a larger in life person and such a great guy. It was very cool to get to meet him for a second. Ultimate Warrior is a good call, but I know I’ve said it before, Big Poppa Pump. I gotta get my dad’s love and respect back, I need to beat Big Poppa Pump. I’m a big fan of his too so I’d love to hear those sirens go off and see him come out and flex. Super kick him and hopefully beat him.”

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