Dolph Ziggler On Hating John Cena, Royal Rumble, Jerry Lawler, & More


Dolph Ziggler recently took part in a media conference call/ Q&A with Planeta Wrestling to promote this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Below are some of the Q&A questions…..

I would like to start with something you said 4 years ago. On an interview with Sam Roberts you said: “I hate John Cena because he is really good and I want his spot in the company”. Are you still thinking like that?


Absolutely. I would love to be in the position that John Cena is in with the company. Of course. To be that guy that is always fighting for the championship, to be the guy who is always giving back to the fans, doing something important in the business; absolutely. I would love to be in that position with the company and I’m not someone who say: “Hey I would like to be on top of the company”, I’m someone that work so hard everyday to get to that spot and one day I will get there or one day I will not, but one way or another, the fact that you work hard everyday helps me sleep a little bit at night.

How can you explain to those fans who cheered for you that you are a different character now?

Honestly if you followed my career and you cheered for me, that’s fine, that’s the great thing about the WWE universe that can cheer for whoever you like and whether you realise that I’m frustrated right now with my position or you don’t realise it, you just think I’m some kind of a jerk, you are still allow to cheer for someone who works so hard to put on a great show. So however you see it, you can cheer, you can boo, that’s what this is all about, but I’m here to find the way to make Dolph Ziggler a winner.

Do you have a lucky number to win the Rumble, would you like to come out at first or maybe the last one?

It’ll be stupid to not think that there’s an advantage to coming out last, but the sheep on my shoulder would not want me to come out last. I want to come out number one, be number one, outlast everyone and win.

Can you explain why you did what you did last week on SmackDown Live, superkicking Jerry Lawler in the chest?

Well, you all know that I’m a little frustrated and of course, psrt time guys like Jerry Lawler coming out and having the ovation he had, I had to ask him very politely to stop doing me that questions and let me do my thing, let me find the way to win and for some reason he went out of his way and he kept bothering me and calling me a “loser”. I?ve heard that from fan, I’ve heard it from other wrestlers but hear it from someone I just to look up to it really bothered me and I knew that I really had to do something; and sorry, wrong place wrong time Lawler.


So would you do the same to other part timers like Goldberg, Lesnar or Cena?

Would I kick them if they bother me in a wrestling ring? Absolutely. Who wouldn’t do that? The whole reasons for been in WWE is to have matches and to fight with others. So if someone pump me out in front of everyboy over and over of course I will no matter who was. I think anyone would.

Now that we have the NXT End-year Awards who is your favourite NXT superstar and what do you think about the evolution of the brand?

I think it becomes a phenomenon all over the world and it is pretty amazing. It’s very cool. It’s its own brand and it feeds itself. I’m a huge Tye Dillinger guy. I’ve been a fan of that’s guy work since we worked together in Ohio Valley Wrestling 11 years ago. He works hard, he is amazing at it. I a great fan. I love the “10”. Everything that he does is fantastic. They say “the harder you work the lucky you get” so one of this times with all the hard work he puts in… he is gonna be lucky.

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