Dolph Ziggler Lands Big Film Role + RVD Rips TNA


— As posted earlier today, RVD has a new audio blog which discusses his WWE return. In it, he talks about the quality of his matches, saying:

“WWE is truly the best of the best when it comes to professional wrestling…What makes it the best? Way, way, way more people watch WWE than any other wrestling. They have the best wrestlers…I can tell you from being in the ring with these guys that once I went to WWE I noticed right away the skill level, the well roundedness, the talent of the wrestlers in WWE, way above where I have been before. Many of you noticed my matches were better, but you couldn’t put your finger on why they’re better. I’m telling you it’s because I’m swimming in a different pool. Some of the other guys – their achievements are not as grand, the stars that they have wrestled are not as well-rounded. They’re used to wrestling each other, and they’re limited, and even though fans may prefer that, it’s gonna be a small group of fans that support that.” If you listen to the actual audio blog, you’ll know he’s clearly talking about TNA.

You can listen to the audio blog here.

— Dolph Ziggler is set to appear in Max Landis’ upcoming comedy Me Him Her. Landis, who will write and direct the film, posted the following to Twitter today:

Osment. Bracey. Ziggler. McColm. Landis. The cast of the most critically acclaimed show of all time in @mehimhermovie

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) August 15, 2013

The film is described as about “sexual identity with three friends exploring love, lust and… sword combat.” It begins production this month in Los Angeles.

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