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Dolph Ziggler Reacts To Big E. Winning The MITB Briefcase, Says It Could Be “Monumental”


WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler recently took to Twitter and reacted to Big E. winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ziggler noted that this could be a monumental angle and will be “unforgettable” if WWE does it right. Ziggler said,

“I don’t watch blah blah blah, whatever. We are about to see even more layers, to E. This could be monumental & if it takes time, will be absolutely unforgettable. doesn’t always happen to one of the good guys, but in this case it did. Now don’t f it up.”

Big E. originally debuted on the main roster as the enforcer for AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler. He also got to see Dolph Ziggler cash in his own Money in the Bank contract back in April 2013.

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