Dolph Ziggler’s Ex-Girlfriend ‘Cashing In’ – Details


Credit: Roy Kendal

Going into the show, I did not know about Amy Shumer’s previous relationship with Dolph Ziggler, nor that she had appeared on Howard Stern a couple days previous and discussed it with the radio host.

At the Riviera, she mentioned that she had recently dated a “WWE wrestler” (about 30 seconds later, she referred to him as “Dolph Ziggler”). She was talking about the nature of temporary quasi-fame via reports by TMZ and the National Examiner (she thought) on her break-up with Ziggler. She mentioned that she had never dated anyone who even had one body portion that was has impressive as Ziggler’s entire body. She said that because Ziggler was such a large muscular guy, he was the first boyfriend who could make her feel like a petite girl – “He could just pick me up by the legs and toss me around. The sex was fun at first, due to that novelty, but after a while, I realized that the lovemaking was too athletic. I realize that I’m the type of girl who just likes to lie there…every once in a while the guy can hold a mirror up to my nose and mouth and see if it fogs up, to prove I’m still breathing.”

She mentioned that she didn’t really understand his world and profession. She joked that when he would leave to go to work, she would say something like, “Okay Honey, have a good…er…ah…contest.”, and he’d reply, “That’s not what it’s called.”

She’d then try again by saying something like, “Okay then, ah…say hello to Mankind.” He’d reply, “That was a hundred years ago.”

That was the end of the discussion of Ziggler, and she continued on with the next portion of her set.

Her discussion of Ziggler was not intended to get a big laugh or anything, it was simply used as a bridge between “bits”, to be topical, and to stretch out the total length of her total set by about 3 – 4 minutes. She was only going for three small laughs with the “mirror”, “contest”, and “Mankind” lines.

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