Dolph Ziggler’s RAW Role Tonight + A List Of Confirmed Names


Dolph Ziggler recently spoke about his role at tonight’s 1,000th WWE Monday Night Raw. Here are the highlights… “I don’t exactly know what my role will be. When that show ends, people will say, ‘I came to see those guys (top stars & returning Legends), but I remember what Dolph Ziggler did. He went out there and did what he said he would do: He found a way to steal the show, even on a star-studded card like that.”

Here is the list of names scheduled for tonight’s 1,000th WWE Monday Night Raw…

* Shawn Michaels

* John Layfield

* Roddy Piper

* The Rock

* Mick Foley

* Bret Hart

* Brock Lesnar

* Paul Heyman

* Kelly Kelly

* Jim Ross

* Gene Okerlund

* Mae Young

* Steve Blackman

* Alicia Webb

* Sean Waltman

* Sid Vicious

* Diamond Dallas Page

* Sgt. Slaughter

* Jim Duggan

* Vader

* Road Warrior Animal

* Slick

* Billy Gunn

* Bob Backlund

* Road Dogg

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