Dolph Ziggler Says He’ll ‘Blow Up’ As A Main Eventer


Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with about his rise to the main event scene. Here are the highlights…

On Having To Fight For Everything He Has Earned: “Had I been handed it, it might not have worked out the same. I might not be as grateful for everything that’s slowly but surely coming my way,” Ziggler told Jan Murphy for the Kingston Whig-Standard publication. “But, man, I’ve been chomping at this main event scene for two, three years now, ready to go, and I think it’s going hit right at the peak of my career, right when I’m starting to figure out more and more. I’m learning every day. I think it’s just going to hit at the right time and it’s just going to blow up.”

On Being The Heel That Gets Beat Up: “I go out there and I try to do it better than everyone else. Whether I’m a punching bag for 30 seconds or going out there and having a 30-minute classic, I find a way to stand out and do what I do better than everyone else.”

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