Dolph Ziggler Speaks On The Brand Extension And Big E


WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with Kristen Gaydos of The Citizens’ Voice. Here are the highlights.

On the brand extension:

“For someone like me to get a chance to revamp, start over and let them know that I put it all on the line — I’m a changed man, I’m a winner now — it’s something that’s really helped me out,” he said. “I’ve gotten some freedom on the microphone. I’m actually playing off someone and investing my time more than ever. It’s such a great show.”

On Big E:

“He’s one of my favorites,” Ziggler said. “I’m an old-timer now, so I’m constantly helping out the up-and-coming kids … Big E was ready to learn, he works really hard. You can tell right away when you meet somebody that they’re ready to go, to learn and to listen. It was a really fun time. I got to pass down some knowledge to an up-and-coming guy, and no one deserves it more than him.”

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