Dolph Ziggler Speaks Out – SSlam, Lesnar/Punk, MITB



Dolph Ziggler recently spoke about cashing in his MITB and much more. Here are the highlights…

On cashing in his MITB briefcase: “Wow! It was honestly amazing; I have never experienced anything like that myself. These fans were so juiced. It was an absolute special crowd. They were the rowdiest, loudest crowd that has been through so much over the past few days with WrestleMania. And for some reason, all those hardcore fans, they got behind this guy, who loses every single week. It was such a relief that myself and all the fans finally felt, Wow this is finally it. He’s finally going to be champion and he won’t be screwed. The fans felt “yes! We did this!” We got behind the guy and he has been rewarded for it.”

On his tag match this Sunday at SummerSlam: “I feel great. Hilariously, Kaitlyn will be the strong one of the two (laughs). I’m looking forward to the match. Honestly, no joke, I was looking to be in a Heavyweight Title match. No BS. And I thought I was going to win it at SummerSlam. That didn’t happen. Things change in the business every single day, sometimes multiple times in one day. That being said, no matter what match I have been in, I go out to make it THE EBST. Steal the show, find the spot, make it work and make everyone looked that much better because I was a part of it.”

On Lesnar vs. Punk match: “A lot of times I got to go with the smaller guys, but Lesnar is a legit killer. Beats people up all the time. But somehow Punk has been holding his own which is cool. But, being an ornery jerk like I am with a chip on my shoulder I got to go with the guy who also has a chip on his shoulder, CM Punk. Hopefully he finds a way to not just hang with Lesnar, but to prove that guys that go out and bust their ass all year and carry the company on their backs can somehow persevere because of the audience and the crowd. It comes out that sometimes, the guys who love this, come out on top.”

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