Dolph Ziggler Talks His Relationship With Vince McMahon


Dolph Ziggler appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a variety of topics including his relationship with Vince McMahon: 

“There is a trust that so few of your favorites have that I have,” Ziggler said. “It’s wild. Because, without complaining, I’m not the main event guy at the moment. And a lot of times, when it comes down to something special, I’m the guy who’s just a match away or so. But I know from that relationship, and you have to earn it. It’s not just, I earned this a few years ago and now I’m fine.

“You gotta re-earn it every day, and I do. If I mess up, which I do all the time, I say, ‘I screwed this up. It’s on me. I will fix this for next time.’ But even though, those years, I’d say of the 15, eight or nine of ‘em felt like, ‘Man, Vince hates my effin’ guts! What the hell is happening here?!’ Then there’s those five or six where you go, ‘I get it now. He’s pushing me. He’s challenging me.’ Because only I can do these things, and I’m very blessed to be doing them.”

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