Dolph Ziggler Wants Both Rock & Cena To Get Booed


Dolph Ziggler spoke with Comcast and half-jokingly said that he hopes both Rock and Cena get booed at WrestleMania 29. He said, “I don’t want the cheers and the boos. I hope it’s 90 percent boos letting them know that this ‘Once in a Lifetime’ match is happening again and that I or someone else should be the main event.”

He then got more serious and said he is glad Rock’s back in WWE, noting, “He’s been pretty cool about everything. And it was pretty neat, he told me he liked my work which is a pretty cool deal because you know he’s watching the shows when he’s traveling. Like I said, having him back, it makes me a little mad. But, I love the business sense of it, having him come back and getting the crowd behind him. When he’s promoting movies, we’re holding down the fort, waiting for him to come back.”

Ziggler also hinted that he may cash in against the winner of Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger “if both guys are out cold.”

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