Dominant Wrestling: Live From Dundee Results (1/28/17)


    The show aired live on Spike on January 28th, 2017 from 8pm-10pm GMT in Dundee, Scotland. Featured wrestlers include John Morrison (5-Star Champion), Drew Galloway, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, PJ Black (Justin Gabriel), Nick Aldis (Magnus), Moose, and others.

    The show began with John Morrison announcing an open challenge to anyone from the back to have a match for his 5-Star title. Rey Mysterio accepted and the crowd responded well with “619”. Carlito came out and said he didn’t want to be in Dundee. Drew Galloway appeared and said the UK scene was getting hot and everyone wanted to be part of it. Nick Aldis entered next and got cheap heat by saying the Scottish people should consider themselves lucky to be part of her majesty’s United Kingdom. PJ Black appeared and told everyone he wanted a shot. Chris Masters came out next and Drew didn’t like the look of him at all. Finally, Morrison said he wanted to book an eight-man tournament for his title and would face the next person to enter the arena.


    John Morrison vs. Moose – A short match which showed the Scottish fans getting behind Moose while showing respect for the champion. After five minutes, Morrison surprised Moose with a roll-up.

    Nick Aldis vs. Rey Mysterio – Commentators selling Mysterio and his history as a former Royal Rumble winner. Also the first time these two have met in the ring. Nick tried using his power against the luchador legend, but as expected Rey picked up the win via a Frog Splash. Nick didn’t like losing and gave Mysterio a beat down afterwards. Commentators asked if he’ll be in any fit shape to continue with the tournament. After the break, Rey Mysterio had an interview backstage and said he was in pain, and out of 10 he was at “about an eight”, but he’s a warrior and will make it to the finals for the fans.

    Carlito vs. PJ Black – Black using his high-flying moves and posing for the crowd. Carlito doesn’t look like he wants to wrestle at all. Carlito waited for his moment and hit a “codebreaker”, followed by his finisher the Backstabber for the win. Goes to show even if it looks like Carlito is on the ropes, he can turn it around in a flash. Carlito will face Mysterio in the next round.

    Drew Galloway vs. Chris Masters – Interesting to note they are calling him “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, as well as using Drew’s TNA entrance theme. No copyright issues tonight! These two are no strangers to each other so it’s already a better match than the previous. Sweet belly to belly suplex on Masters. Scottish fans firmly behind their man Galloway. Masters using his strength to work him over. Blood from Masters nose after a strike from Drew, but still in control. He tries for the Master Lock, but Drew breaks free with elbows. Drew surprised him with his finisher the Future Shock DDT and ended the match to advance. Backstage, Drew reminded us how he beat Morrison for the Intercontinental title once upon a time. He’s happy to be bringing us some British wrestling, and next up we have the first semi-finals.

    Carlito vs. Rey Mysterio Rey still selling his beat down from earlier. Carlito started out well by targeting Rey’s injured leg. After Rey got the upper hand, Carlito got his knees and offered Rey a handshake, Rey shook his hand and drop kicked him immediately. He went to the top rope turnbuckle and Carlito knocked his legs out. Some more name drops in this match, including Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Ric Flair. These matches keep getting better .. Rey almost beat Carlito with a kick to the face. Rey tried the 619 but Carlito had it scouted. Carlito tried for the backstabber, but Rey found a way to hit the CODE RED! 1-2-3 and Rey heads to the Finals. Carlito attacked Rey after the match, much like Nick Aldis did earlier by targeting the leg.

    Drew Galloway vs. John Morrison – We are down to three, either Rey Mysterio or one of these two men will walk out as champion tonight. CLAYMORE! Only a two to start this match off in a big way. Morrison tried to make a comeback, but Drew clotheslines him to the outside. Galloway threw Morrison in to one of the steel structures at ringside. Superkicks by Morrison to spoil the flow of his opponent. Drew nutted him with a headbutt and again got control. A close call on the pin-fall after a flurry of moves from Morrison. Powerslam by Galloway! For two. Springboard cockscrew body press by Morrison for two.

    White Noise (commentators mention Sheamus) from the top rope by Galloway! But again only for two. Oh my word… tombstone piledriver by Galloway! Still, only two! The champion does not want to lose. Multiple failed pin-fall attempts. Morrison rolls Galloway up with another pin and gets the victory! Surprisingly, the Scotsman is not advancing to the finals in his home country. Best match of the night. Galloway and Morrison shook hands afterwards.

    Finals Of The 5-Star Championship Tournament: John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio –
    Rey selling the injury to the leg while clapping hands with the kids. Morrison looks confident. Some nice traditional wrestling in the early going as they test each other. Morrison hip tossed to the outside, Rey tries to suicide dive but backs out after Morrison moves away. Rey selling the leg a lot now, taking time to get in the ring. Morrison grounds Rey and kicks him in the leg; the most consistent selling all night.

    Seems to be getting a little sloppy .. pace is slow and both men not wanting to make mistakes. Morrison works on Rey’s leg while the crowd disapproves. Finally! A Frankensteiner from the top rope. And a spinning tornado DDT! Some audio botch riles the crowd up … 619! Frog Splash missed! A knee to the face .. followed by Starship Pain! 1-2-3 and John Morrison retains his 5-Star Wrestling Championship against the injured Mysterio. He booked the tournament and won it, proving he can take on all comers and as Drew Galloway says “is the man”. Morrison on the mic says this “is his world” but it’s only the beginning.

    Morrison announces they are going to book the largest tourney ever .. a 128-wrestler tournament! And he says anyone and everyone is invited to have a shot at his title. The show seems to cut off early; possibly running tight on time. It was a good show .. but the matches were short and I’m not surprised with how many children were in the audience. I’m glad they didn’t hand the belt over to Rey or Drew and continue to build Morrison as their dominant champion. Was it worth watching? Only if you miss seeing these guys and want something to watch between NXT Takeover and the Royal Rumble. Not the greatest show ever .. but it was interesting and worth it if you have a spare two hours to kill.

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