Dominik Dijakovic Talks Standing Out From Other WWE NXT Stars


After signing with WWE NXT in 2017, Dominik Dijakovic made his debut on a December 2018 episode of NXT by defeating Aaron Mackey. Now, he’s looking forward as he spoke with Byron Saxton for the WWE website.

This is where he talked about a wide range of topics including his initial tryout in 2017, standing out from other NXT stars and more. Here are the highlights:

You initially had a WWE tryout several years ago before officially signing with NXT in fall 2017. Were there any other notable names at that tryout?

“In June of 2013 I attended the final WWE tryout at Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa, Fla. I don’t know who else was there because I don’t waste time worrying about the accomplishments of others as those are distractions which will deter my focus. My goal was to obtain a WWE contract and I failed. In my life, I have failed countless times. Over and over and over again. And that is why Dominik Dijakovic will succeed.”

What makes you stand out from other NXT Superstars?

“Dominik Dijakovic is a five-tool player unlike anyone else in NXT, Raw, SmackDown or the history of WWE. Striking — precision, accuracy and proficiency honed through countless fights and years of training. Technical — grinding, efficiency. I was trained by Brian Fury at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, the disciples of Steve Bradley and Killer Kowalski. Psychological — intelligence, manipulation and focus. I’m a scholar and laborer, impossible to outwork or outlast. Athleticism — world-class, untouchable. The X factor. Power. I am 6-foot-7, 270 pounds. I am Dominik Dijakovic. Feast your eyes.”

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