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Don Callis and Scott D’Amore Detail Changes Coming to IMPACT Wrestling


Don Callis and Scott D’Amore appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast recently to discuss Anthem purchasing AXS TV and the changes on the horizon for the IMPACT Wrestling brand.

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Don Callis on critical acclaim for the IMPACT brand:

“Other people like Dave Meltzer said it’s the best booked, best-written wrestling show on TV and I think I said to you, it’s like, you know, we’ve kinda been the Rolling Stones playing in someone’s garage. The music’s great but not enough people are hearing it. So I think now we’ve got a platform where the excitement we’ve created the last number of months with the storylines, with a great roster, we’ve got some of the changes and the signings, now more people are gonna get to see it and can decide what they like and we think they’re gonna love it.”

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Scott D’Amore on the ‘frustrating ride’ for fans of IMPACT:

“I think definitely wrestling fans know AXS TV, it’s a destination for wrestling programming, it’s a brand name, it’s a Mark Cuban product and it’s something that certainly brings the prestige back. And I think it’s been a frustrating ride for fans that have followed, historically, this company, because they’ve seen it slide from Spike to Destination America to Pop, and then to go to Pursuit, it was like, ok, maybe this is finally the last of it. So, this now upward move towards AXS, I think [it] has rejuvenated part of the fan base that is jaded and for the very sizable fan base that we still have that is often quiet on these things, they’re excited because they’re along for a ride…”

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