Downstait’s Zach Call Puts Booker T & Jeff Hardy On Mt. Rushmore Of Entrance Themes


Downstait’s Zach Call has shared what he considers to be the Mt. Rushmore of wrestling themes.

Call has quite the connection to wrestling, with his brand providing the entrance themes for The Miz, Cody Rhodes, and others.


Speaking on the “Insight” podcast, Call was asked for his Mt. Rushmore of themes and picked Jeff Hardy’s ‘No More Words’ as his top choice. He said,

“I love that tune, absolutely love that tune. It’s the first time since I was young that I popped, when he won the WWE title [at Armageddon 2008]. So that song specifically, I watched that whole ride up to him winning the title and I was invested like I was 10 years old again.”

Call added Booker T’s theme to his list, calling it “without a doubt might be the greatest ever,” and also included Kane’s first WWE theme ‘Burned.’

Rounding out the list, Call shared the final spot between ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s iconic theme and The Rock, though did not state which of the Great One’s themes made the list.

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