Dr. Britt Baker Comments On Chelsea Green’s “Fake” Injury


AEW star Dr. Britt Baker was fooled by Chelsea Green, who revealed that her injury was a complete work but Baker noted that she did an amazing job of selling the supposed injury.

Of course, Green has had a history of injuries in the past.

You can check out some highlights of Baker’s interview with Fightful below:

On being fooled by Chelsea Green’s fake injury: “Yeah, because she worked all of you idiots. No, actually—so I’ll be honest with you—that night, it wasn’t until 1:00 am that I looked at my phone and I saw on Twitter, ‘Chelsea Green broken wrist injury,’ and I checked my group chat with Chelsea and Deonna and I had no text. I was so upset ‘cause I was talking to my boyfriend, I said, ‘Wait, Chelsea broke her wrist again. Wait, they didn’t even tell me. Are they mad at me? What’s going on?’ Then I was like, ‘Guys, what’s going on?’ They’re like, ‘Britt, it’s not real.’ I’m said, ‘Oh, my God. I’m an idiot.’ So I got worked, too.”

On the fan reaction to it: “She really had the last laugh there ‘cause she got so much hate over an injury. That’s so disrespectful. We put our bodies on the line. If somebody gets hurt, no matter whose fault it is—somebody is hurt. Someone is injured. Especially when it’s a broken bone, why are you trolling somebody over a broken bone? Then at the end of the day it was a joke anyway.”

On a dream match with Deonna Purrazzo: “We’re obviously in different companies right now and for a long time we both had the belts, we were both champions. We both still are the champions if we have the physical belt or not. She’s definitely a dream opponent. I wrestled Deonna when I was like months into wrestling. I was a baby and I am such a different wrestler now. I think we wrestled again in Ring of Honor, but still. She didn’t know who she was. I didn’t know who I was. Granted, she’s the best technical wrestler in the world, but I would love, love, love to lock up with her, and we have our friendship. It’s just the fans, more than any opponent ever, the fans have tweeted me and messaged me, they have blown me up the most about Deonna. They want Britt versus Deonna. That being said, it’s kind of hard because we’re both at different companies right now. Even with the forbidden door, there’s a lot of other things that factor in. It’s gonna happen eventually and when it does, I hope the Twitter trolls don’t find something to bitch about. No, I’m kidding. No, when it does it’s gonna be really cool and really special and I can’t wait.”

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