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Drew Galloway Speaks On Fans Disliking Roman Reigns, Randy Orton Winning Royal Rumble, More


Former WWE and current TNA star Drew Galloway spoke with Justin Barrasso of of to talk about Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV event.

On John Cena vs AJ Styles:

“When you integrate someone like Cena, who has been ‘The Guy’ and especially the big match guy for the past 10 years, with someone like AJ, then you have a complete recipe for success,” said Galloway. “The response Cena elicits from the crowd is unreal. And critically, AJ Styles has been considered one of, if not, the best in the world. Together, it’s magic.”

On Randy Orton’s Rumble win:

“Randy was bred for this business,” said Galloway. “He is a third generation star, he looks the part, talks the part, and is the complete package in the ring. As most people know, Randy has always been brutally honest, which is why we clicked when it came to conversation. We were never afraid to express our real opinion on wrestling. This business is the one thing Randy truly understands. He is always evolving and adapting to what is relevant in the modern TV era.”

On Roman Reigns:

“Roman looks great, has incredible stage presence, and he is solid in the ring,” said Galloway. “The issue is he’s been positioned as the ‘chosen guy,’ and when you spoon feed that to the fans, generally they don’t respond favorably. But he gets a huge response either way, which means they care and speaks to his overall talent much like Cena.”

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