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WWE Superstar, Drew Gulak is the special guest on Sean Waltman’s “X-Pac 12360”  this week and talks about how much his  character in WWE is his creation

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Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Gives His Thoughts On The Sami Callihan/ Eddie Edwards Incident: I’m a big Sami Callihan fan… Obviously, it was an accident. And Jim Cornette chimed in and that’s what Jim does now. He chimes in on stuff like that and runs with it. So, Sami fires back on Twitter and you know it doesn’t’ come off good for him, but Sami is a really good dude. For the damage that it caused, it really didn’t look that great at all. You could barely see it (The Bat) hit him (Eddie), it was so fast. It was an accident.

Drew Gulak On How Much Of His Character in WWE Is His Creation

SW: Now, what you are doing right now Drew; how much of that is you?

DG: All of it.

SW: Sweet!

DG: It’s all me. I mean I definitely turn it up for the show and stuff like that but it’s been cool being in WWE. It’s a collaborative process here. Because there are so many different people you know in creative positions, but they’ve been really receptive to working with our ideas and getting the most out of that.

SW: The words that come out of your mouth on TV. Are those your words or are they written for you?

DG: They are mostly written for me but we are given freedom to manipulate them or make it sound more natural. A lot of guys will come in here and they’ll just see what’s written on the paper and go, “Ah, I can’t do this.” And they’ll go out there and do their own thing or they’ll have it rewritten for them. I try to do my best with what I’m handed… If something doesn’t connect I’ll speak up or if something doesn’t’ look right I have no problem mentioning it.

Drew Gulak Talks About Triple H and 205 Live: I think originally it was his [Triple H] concept coming out of the Cruiserweight Classic. It was very much Triple H’s idea to bring in a Cruiserweight division and build this brand up. And as soon as we came over Vince was like ‘hey this is great, let’s run with it,’ and he kinda took the ball and ran with it. Up until the last couple weeks, they basically went to the idea of basically having a tournament again to rechristen the new Cruiserweight Champion. That’s pretty much been under the guide of Triple H.

Drew Gulak Talks About Who He Would Like To See in the WWE: Well we were talking about Joey Janela, he’s someone that has come through the CZW school and worked hard later on in his career and lately he has just been doing a great job. He’s proven to me, that if he has a goal or is set on something he can go out and achieve it. So, really it just comes down to if you really want it , if you’re willing to do the things to kinda adjust and get here, I think it is within reach for some people.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Mentions That He Had A Standing Ovation Backstage at Chikara:

SW: The thing about that, with Chikara I was really looking forward to it and I planed in my mind…..I envisioned this match in my mind.  I knew it was going to take a lot out of me physically.

DG: Yeah, I think I remember they had a wheelchair out ready for you backstage

SW: They did man, it took a lot out of me man.

DG: We were all blown away.

SW: The thing that was really cool was I gave a little speech after the match and when I came back (Backstage) everyone was giving me a standing ovation and I never had anyone do that…ever.

DG: You deserve it, You deserve many of them probably.

SW: Thank you, I appreciate you saying that. It was maybe the coolest thing I ever felt man; like in wrestling. I feel that I had a lot of cool experience. That’s right up there; I’m 100% honest with you.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman thoughts on Ricochet

DG: He’s doing great!

SW: I know that’s a rhetorical question

DG: He’s enjoying it very much.

SW: Honestly that guy..besides the obvious if you don’t know the guy…..like…meeting him and getting to know him makes you much more of a fan of his.

DG: yeah..

SW: What a good dude, everything that guy gets he deserves.

DG: Yeah, he’s an old-school Chikara dude.

SW: I didn’t even realize it…he was so skinny back then when I first met him.

DG: Yeah, he looks great now.

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