Drew McIntyre Comments On His Mindset Going Into WrestleMania 37, & More


During a recent interview with “Wrasslin News”, Drew McIntyre commented on his mindset going into WrestleMania 37, possible interference from The Hurt Business, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how his mindset has changed: “Similar? That’s interesting, I never realized they had the same initials. So you just informed me of that right now. But yeah, it’s interesting. Last year, I was going up against Brock. I was looking to prove to everyone across the world and prove to myself that I belonged at the top of the card and there is no bigger superstar in history, essentially, or more dominant than Brock Lesnar. And I was able to pull off that win in five minutes to show that I belonged. And this year, I spent a year basically as WWE Champion in all these big matches, worked extremely hard in the ring and out of the ring. But I don’t take this match lightly. Like I know Lashley has been working a long time and in the ring and out of the ring, he’s an absolute beast of a man and I am treating it as seriously as you can possibly treat a match. Just like last year, as confident as I am, I’m not gonna go diving in there, looking for claymores within the first minute because I’m sure Lashley is gonna strategy a game plan to catch some submission. Grab my foot or something as I throw it at his face. So yeah, I am treating him with the utmost respect, regardless of my game plan.”

On possible interference from The Hurt Business: “I’m gonna be on my toes. After Monday, you know, I brought the fight to the locker room because people weren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to possibly take me out and get the match at WrestleMania. But there was, obviously and Ali attacked me from behind. I’m sure there’s a lot of superstars on SmackDown after Corbin, you know, jumped me as well. Possibly NXT. Possibly outside the company. There’ll be a lot of superstars looking to take Lashley up on his offer. Pretty sure I can see some cars swarming around outside my house right now! Looking to take Drew McIntyre to get a match at WrestleMania. So yeah, I’m gonna be on my toes, even in my entrance. As I mentioned, I’m gonna be trying to control my emotions with all the fans there. You might see me kinda looking over my shoulder because who knows? Until that bell rings, the people might be looking to take me out and take my match!”

On possibly opening the show: “I mean, like I would be happy opening the show or closing the show. This year is so unique in the sense that, you know, the last match…every match at WrestleMania is a main event. Let’s be realistic, if you’re on WrestleMania, you’re in a main event, but when you’re fighting for the championship, generally it’s cool to close the show. This is such a unique WrestleMania, without having the fans there for an entire year, that first reaction is gonna be so so special. So that’s why I said if I finish last, the last match…that’s phenomenal. That’s fantastic. That’s tradition. But if I’m in the opening match it’s just as big because if you get to walk out in that first match and get the crowd full of energy and all those pent-up reactions that we’ve been keeping inside for a year, that’s gonna be special too, so, either way I’m happy. But if you’re in Wrestlemania, you’re in the main event. Every match is big. Every match is huge.”

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