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NewsDrew McIntyre Comments On Seeing Himself In WWE 2K23

Drew McIntyre Comments On Seeing Himself In WWE 2K23



WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke about how cool it is to see himself in something like the WWE 2K23 video game. The Scottish Psychopath admitted that he’s been flattered to be associated with items that resonate with the WWE audience, and the video game was a childhood dream come true.

Speaking to HOT Mornings on Demand, McIntyre stated, “It’s amazing what goes viral, anything I say, especially the silly stuff. It’s unbelievable, it never gets old. When I was a kid, all I did was get my hands on every WWE action figure, video game, card, sticker, and anything I could afford or ask for Christmas. To dream about being in WWE, especially being in Scotland because it’s a small country of five million people, but no one has ever signed to WWE, the big American wrestling company. To actually make it there and see myself in a video game, the first one when I was 23, and I’ve been in multiple games, multiple figures, very fortunate with the amount of merchandise I’ve been featured on, but it never gets old. I’m still that wrestling fan and kid at heart. I’ve never lost that perspective of how cool it actually is to get the opportunity to play with yourself in a video game.”

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