Drew McIntyre Comments On WWE Payback, His Status For The Show


WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently did an interview with Newsweek. In it, McIntyre discussed his status for the upcoming pay-per-view, Payback, and his thoughts on the WWE Thunderdome.

Will McIntyre be apart of WWE Payback this Sunday: “I’m intrigued that’s for sure. With the environment right now. I guess we have those capabilities to bring everybody content. We have the Thunderdome right here, which is really cool so I mean, I’m interested to see how it comes off and how people respond to it. I honestly don’t know if I’m doing anything [at Payback] and I don’t usually inquire about anything until the very last second that’s just how I operate. I like to go on the fly and get a few things as I go, but I’m curious to see if I’m doing anything whatever else has been and how it’s received.”


His thoughts on the WWE Thunderdome: “Even the feeling backstage, it’s like we’re actually doing a live show and you’re in the building you’ve got those nerves and butterflies again, which I had at the Performance Center but not at this level. It feels that we’re back and walking out there and feeling the atmosphere and just in the building and seeing the fans faces virtually and then to cap it all off all the special effects. I didn’t know we’re gonna be coming out to the level [of spectacle] that we came out to last night during my entrance. I’ve got the swords in the beginning now, which I think is cool and it’s more impactful leading to the war drums and then having all the fire and pyro and I’m standing there thinking in my head ‘man, this is really freaking cool.’ I’m sweating like crazy from this fire, and all that sweat probably helped me avoid all those RKOs [from Randy Orton].”

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