Drew McIntyre Tyson Fury Clash

Drew McIntyre Confirms He Thought His Oasis Sing-A-Long Was Off-Camera


During a recent interview with MySA.com, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre commented on his match at the Clash at the Castle pay-per-view event, including what happened after the show was reportedly supposed to go off the air. He said,

“I knew about the first part with Tyson [Fury], but it was not a U.K. song and they were not digging it. So, I assumed we were off air, and I asked Tyson Fury to sing some Sweet Caroline, and he said no, and I am not going to argue with Tyson Fury.”


He continued, “I said, ‘You know what I am going to sing some Oasis and sing along with an Oasis song,’ but suffice to say I did not know we were still on air. I had just lost the was the biggest match of my life but I have to at least try to give them a reason to smile right now. If it means I am not wallowing in misery like I should, so be it. And if they don’t want to sing American Pie, and want some Oasis, I will give them Oasis.”

You can watch the conclusion of WWE Clash at the Castle below:

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