Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre Discusses Changes With his WWE Schedule


Drew McIntyre discussed in an interview with Booker T what it’s like right now to only have to work one night a week with WWE due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here is what he had to say: 

“I feel better than I’ve ever felt,” Drew said. “It’s 20 years now I’ve been going, and if I wasn’t as experienced as I am, I might be a little frustrated not getting the reps in. I do miss the tours and the likes, but right now, like a lot of people, I’m trying to find the positives and not the negatives, it’s a negative situation, and we’re getting the downtime we wouldn’t normally have and I’m using it to try and broaden my horizons.”

“I’m reading some new books, I’m in contact with different areas of the company so I can understand better how the company works so I can be a better brand ambassador for WWE. And most importantly, I’m spending more time with my wife.”

H/T to 411 Mania

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