Drew McIntyre Discusses The Current Competition In Pro Wrestling


Since the launch of AEW in 2019, WWE has tried to do everything it can to prevent the growth of the rival promotion whether that’s signing talent to big money deals, putting NXT head-to-head with Dynamite and more. 

For Drew McIntyre, he thinks the competition in the pro wrestling business is a good thing. 

“They should be part of your mind, but I see competition with everybody,” McIntyre told Esquire Middle East when asked about the competition. “If I’m on Raw, I don’t just see other companies as competition, I see SmackDown as competition. I want to produce the best show possible and keep my eyes on the ratings, etc. It doesn’t matter where I am. if the show I’m on. In my mind, everybody should be thinking we’re competing with literally everyone including the other brands, including NXT, including other companies. And if you’ve got that competitive spirit, it’s going to be better for yourself as a brand and better for the fans.”

McIntyre continued, “I’m excited wrestling is healthy once again. When I started. Independent wrestling was non-existent. We had to start a Scottish wrestling scene when I was a kid I helped build up the UK scene, which is amazing now because of NXT UK, but it wasn’t then. I travelled the world and I saw what it was like back then, and independent wrestling was still miniscule. And to see how far it’s evolved to see how big the talent is, and to see so many superstars and wrestlers across the world have a full-time living in wrestling. It’s just unbelievable. And that’s what it comes down to for me is that wrestling is healthy and a lot of my friends have full time jobs now.”

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