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NewsDrew McIntyre Discusses The Ending Of WWE Clash At The Castle Airing...

Drew McIntyre Discusses The Ending Of WWE Clash At The Castle Airing Live



During a recent appearance on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre commented on the ending of the WWE Clash at the Castle pay-per-view event.

As many of you may recall, Tyson Fury started singing in the ring to console McIntyre after his loss to Roman Reigns. McIntyre said the ending of the show was “supposed to be on TV,” despite Freddie Prinze Jr. claiming that WWE forgot to cut the feed.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the ending to WWE Clash at the Castle: “The singing that happened in Cardiff, if you had told me, ‘You’re going to sing a song after you lose a big match,’ I still haven’t checked how much was on TV, but not all of it was supposed to be on TV, but we went for it. If you embrace it, chances are the crowd is going to embrace it too and you’re going to have a fun time together. After that fun time, you deal with the serious storyline stuff on the following TVs.”

On how it’s hard for him to get embarrassed as a wrestler anymore: “I was once a New Year’s baby, that was not televised. That was pretty embarrassing. These are things that, when I was younger, I’d go, ‘I can’t believe this is happening, I’m such a serious wrestler.’ Eventually, you realize, this is for kids. We’re playing right now. You get the chance to do this wild job you’ve always dreamed of, you’re entertaining people and you can’t just do the same thing every week and be mad. I’d love to dress up as a baby right now. I’d have a hell of a time. When I was younger, ‘I’m such a serious wrestler, I cannot believe I’m putting on this sheet thing, a half-ass toga with members of 3MB and an untelevised show.’ I had one of the guys pull the toga thing and it came off, so I had my under tights under it, no kneepads or sneakers, I did a little dance around and looked like a stripper. It was a little embarrassing, but if it happened today, I would love it. These days, there’s nothing you can do to me or put me in a position where I’d get embarrassed because I’ve been through so much and I realize what is important now and realize the entertainment factor.”

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