Drew McIntyre Gives Credit To His Wife For Always Sticking By Him, More


During a recent appearance on the Swerve City podcast, Drew McIntyre gave high praise to his wife for always sticking with him and giving him perspective, and more. He said,

“Yeah. You said, home life. I haven’t had anything else except wrestling my whole entire life. A lot of ups and downs in the personal life, but the biggest difference has been my wife for sure. She’s the biggest difference maker. She’s the one who stuck with me when times got hard and always believed I could be a better guy and a better person. And she’s a hard ass as well. She’s younger than me, but she — little girl doesn’t take any crap from this big guy and always believed I could be something better and stood by my side. And my favorite thing to do to take my mind off the thing I’m obsessed with — because she hates wrestling. It balances out perfect because she gives her honest opinions from a person outside, which gives me perspective as well.”

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